STOCKMAR – for lots of creative fun

For 100 years, the name STOCKMAR has stood for the highest caliber of art supplies. We believe that quality includes the aspiration to create artistic spaces which have a positive impact on individual development. We approach and maintain quality in a comprehensive way: through the careful selection of raw materials, first-class processing and excellent colour, paint and modelling properties. This allows us to create exceptional products which support a rich, artistic experience—be it at home, at kindergarten or school, or in a therapeutic environment.

STOCKMAR Colour Harmony – because colour matters

Colour matters—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was well aware of this and the vibrant but harmonious colour palette of all STOCKMAR products is based on his famous colour wheel. Goethe’s colour wheel boasts the whole rainbow—made from the three primary colours: blue, red and yellow. The finely balanced consistency of all STOCKMAR colours developed out of this harmonious colour wheel and an understanding of the effects that individual colours have on people.

STOCKMAR Quality – traditionally responsible and safe

We use selected raw materials, which we employ in a balanced, restrained way, for our product formulas. The finer points in the composition are the result of decades of experience. STOCKMAR products pose no hazards to health or the environment. Out of a sense of responsibility to our world, when it comes to manufacturing our products, we go above and beyond the legal safety requirements.