Modelling Wax - Single Colours - 15 Sheets 100x40 mm
Art.: 527--
- made in Germany
cardboard box, 15 sheets each 100x40x6 mm, 8 colours available
Stockmar Modelling Wax is the lower priced alternative to Modelling Beeswax. It has the same properties, but without the aromatic beeswax. Modelling with Stockmar Modelling Beeswax and Modelling Wax trains the senses, imagination and fine motor skills. As the child is warming and initially moulding the wax, it is able to work against the natural resistance of the material. Moulding the smallest and wafer-thin shapes enhances fine motor skills. As even particularly fidgety children find a quiet space when working with the Stockmar modelling waxes, they clearly have a therapeutic effect.

Attention! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts might be swallowed.
colour: 02 vermilion ¦ 03 orange ¦ 06 yellow green ¦ 07 green ¦ 10 light blue ¦ 12 red violet ¦ 15 black ¦ 27 beeswax colour
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