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Experiencing art with all senses

Stockmar products create a positive impression due to the underlying educational and artistic ideas which inform their creation. Based on the principles of Waldorf School education, our paints, crayons and modelling materials are deliberately designed to appeal to the child's senses. In our technological world, 'virtual reality' often replaces genuine experience. Stockmar products are aimed at providing genuine artistic experience which develop and enhance the senses.

Basic experiences like feeling, grasping and shaping act on the child's brain and have a positive effect on the sensory motor development. In today's world such a stimulus is more important than ever before. Only when children are able to register the effect of the external world on their senses can they take their stand in the world with confidence. There is a circular movement from experience of self to experience of the wider environment.

Stockmar products - a Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art)

In order for the senses to be holistically addressed and stimulated, the materials need to be of a quality that is not just statistically measurable, but is also subjectively perceptible from an experiential, 'feeling' level. The packaging, colour, scent, shape, properties, ease of handling and artistic possibilities all contribute to a total aesthetic, sense-imbued experience.

It is this enhanced, holistic quality that Stockmar products aspire towards.
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