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Beeswax production:

Melting, casting, allowing to cool, milling

The wax is melted in a container, and stirred together with the pigments. The coloured mass will then be poured into rectangular metal trays, and allowed to dry. This has to be a slow process to enable the wax to become transparent and easy to knead. So first of all you have to wait - the wax mass will be left for one to two weeks to allow the wax to crystallise properly. Finally the wax slab will be milled down on a multiple milling machine from a thickness of 3 cm to 5 mm. And now it can all be cut into those attractive sheets and nicely packaged.

Decorative Wax sheet production:

Heat, chill, press, cut into shape

At 90 degrees, the hot coloured wax flows from the boiler into a heated basin. A chilled roller passes through the hot wax and takes a film of wax with it. When this has hardened, it is peeled off with a knife and kneaded in an extruder. The wax emerges from the extruder like a kind of endless wax wallpaper with a width of 40 cm. This is put into a cooling bath and is then cut into shape. An employee takes the individual sheets by the tip and sorts them, separated by water-resistant paper, into a container. Then they go off to be packaged.
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