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Stockmar Beeswax Candles
light and ambience

Handmade beeswax candles are something special - they have a certain magic about them. Due to the warm light, the incomparable scent and the celebratory atmosphere, even a small candle can become the centre of the room. Stockmar Beeswax Candles consist of 100% pure, natural beeswax. Genuine beeswax candles only produce their full scent when they are lit. The whitish "glazed frost" which can appear on the candles after a longer period of storage is a sign of quality, showing that natural beeswax has been used and can be easily wiped off.

Candle making is an age-old craft that brings joy even to kindergarten children. Here you will find everything you need for candle making: honeycomb sheets, beeswax, paraffin and stearin pellets as well as wicks.
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