Christmas Tree Candles - 120x13 mm - 24 pieces
Art.: 10041
- made in Germany
cardboard box, 24 candles, 100% beeswax, length: 120 mm, diam. 13 mm, burning time approx. 2.5 hrs.
The embodiment of Christmas is a Christmas tree lit with scented beeswax candles.

Stockmar beeswax candles are made of 100% pure beeswax, without artificial colouring or aroma.
Handmade beeswax candles are something special and beautiful. In the middle ages they used to illuminate fortresses, castles and churches. Still to this very day, candles made from real beeswax have a certain magic about them. Due to the warm light, the incomparable scent and the celebratory atmosphere, even a small candle can become the centre of the room. The natural raw material of candles is precious, considering that a colony of bees produces approximately only 500g of wax per year.
Stockmar Beeswax Candles consist of 100% pure, natural beeswax. According to the country of origin, the colours can vary from sandy to yellow-brown. Beeswax has a slight silky gloss and a fine scent. Genuine beeswax candles only produce their full scent when they are lit. The whitish "glazed frost" which can appear on the candles after a longer period of storage is only a sign of quality, showing that natural beeswax has been used and can be easily wiped off. Stockmar Beeswax Candles are handmade. At Stockmar the age-old craft of candle dipping is still fostered.
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