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Melt beeswax, clean, cast, cut, dip and roll

It all starts with the bees. To produce 1 kg of beeswax, 100,000 bees have been busy collecting pollen from a whole year's flowers. At Stockmar the raw wax is melted and purified, and any floral or hive residue is removed. The purified wax will then be processed further in a number of stages.

To make the 'cores' of the candles we pour the wax into metal trays, cut it into rods and then press it, together with the wick, through the bore of an extruder. Using a rolling board and a knife, the rods are cut down to the different candle lengths and rolled. Finally the resulting cores are overdipped in hot wax.

Suspended from a ring, the conical candles are plunged in a big dipping boiler. Without the core the candle will be dipped starting from the wick. A taper candle may need to go through the dipping process as many as 25 times before reaching the desired shape and thickness. Finally all candles will be given a rolled base and a stamp certifying them as '100% beeswax'.
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