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Raw Material and Quality Monitoring


Stockmar products are known for their quality all over the world. For us it is a major challenge to live up to these high expectations - from the procurement of the raw materials right through to the delivery of the finished product.

Guided by this conception of quality, we have developed sophisticated production methods over many decades. Our employees do not just have to demonstrate their craftsmanship in processes properly associated with handcraft production, they also have to be fully experienced in operating complex modern technology. After the internal quality control by the employee that forms part of the production process, a final meticulous scrutiny will always be carried out at the time when the products are carefully packaged and dispatched.

Product development and control of the raw materials are very important to the quality of Stockmar's products. This marks a combination of decades of experience with the very latest scientific findings. The finer points of the composition of our products of course remain a secret. But one thing we can promise our customers - Stockmar products have no negative effects on health or on the environment. We expect the suppliers of our raw materials to provide detailed documentation showing the origin and composition of the materials supplied, and we lay the same stringent requirements on ourselves by having every product batch investigated by an independent laboratory. You are welcome to call Dr Mehmet Cetinkaya of the Labor für Rückstandsanalytik [Laboratory for Residue Analysis] in Bremen to confirm our guarantee regarding our quality control.
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